First released in 2012, Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that allows you to change colors from your phone at ease. As a unique product that's able to add a real touch of personality to your home, Philips Hue's current advertising does not do its product justice. So I felt the need to reevaluate its target audience groups and crafting a fresh message that will connect with them.
So, who we talking to?
People living in city apartments, divided into 3 groups. 
                  The Just Moved
These are the newlyweds who're visibly excited about their new NYC apartments, but can't afford all the dream decors yet. No worries, some rose pink lighting is all you need to make that $200 IKEA bed to look ten times the retail price.
The Party-Starters
They are the good hosts who love to invite guests and noises into their own home, and of course, showing off their designer furniture along the way. Nothing lights up a tropic mood better than some bright teal mixed with a dim amber.
The Thoughtful Reader
These are the people who enjoys their time alone. What their weathered minds need now is a relaxing afternoon spent reading books and walking dogs. And nothing help with deep thoughts better than immersing yourself in the color of the ocean.
The idea:
Show them how can a bit of hue can really help achieve whatever mood you wish.

© 2018 by Hanwei Zhu.

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